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Storage units starting from €32.50/month for 2 m2

Flexible, safe and reasonably priced smart storage units in Laagri, just outside of Tallinn. Are you renovating, moving or need extra space? A Puhver mini storage unit is a safe storage space for your belongings. Bring your belongings to our smart warehouse today!

  • Open-ended agreement
  • One month’s advance notice
  • 24/7 access
  • 50% off the first two months

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Our locations

Best price!

We offer convenient and safe storage rooms for a reasonable price. We are convinced that in comparison to other small storage units, our prices are 10% cheaper on average.


  • Smart storage spaces
  • Open-ended agreement
  • One month’s advance notice
  • 24/7 access
  • Safe and secure
  • Video surveillance of common areas
  • 50% off the first two months


Puhver storage units are located in Laagri, in two adjacent buildings. Saue, Saku, Pääsküla, Nõmme, Hüüru and Harku are less than a 10-minute drive away. In 15 minutes, you will reach Õismäe and Mustamäe. There are a total of 2 storage buildings: Puhver 1 and Puhver 2.

Puhver 1

Puhver 1 storage unit can be accessed from Hoiu street.

Puhver 2 (drive-in)

Puhver 2 storage unit can be accessed from Keldri street.


Puhver self-storage rooms for every purpose.

Are you moving or renovating?

We have small and reasonably priced storage rooms that can be conveniently accessed 24/7. Store your belongings safely in Puhver’s storage rooms.

Do you need extra space in your home?

Our small storage unit solution is ideal for creating extra space in your home or for your business. The sizes of the storage rooms range from 2 m² to 35 m².

Do you need a temporary place for your belongings?

Don’t worry, because we have a solution for you. Smart storage spaces. Open-ended agreement. One month’s advance notice.

Bring your belongings to the storage room today!

How to get started?

  1. Choose in which Puhver storage you wish to store your items.For example, if you have a lot of large items, storing them in the drive-in storage unit (Puhver 2) is more convenient. For storing smaller items, the small storage unit with a cargo lift is suitable (Puhver 1).

  2. Choose the right storage room sizeThe storage room sizes range from 2 m² to 35 m².

  3. Submit orderWhen ordering, you will be directed to pay the rent for the first month and then to sign the lease agreement. Once this is done, you will be able to access your storage room as soon as possible (less than 24 hours).


About us

Puhver storage units are accessible, convenient and safe 2–35 m² smart mini storage rooms in Laagri.

There are two storage buildings in Laagri: at Hoiu 14, there is a storage unit with 126 storage rooms and at Keldri 5, there is a drive-in storage unit with 19 storage rooms.

You can access them using an app, which also lets you effortlessly grant access to family members or a close friend, even when you’re not present.


Clients’ feedback

meie crapp
meie crapp
We needed a larger storage place, while moving. Making contract was easy and fast online. Actual storage location is easily accessible with larger moving van. All doors open with mobile app, and this actually works, not even one issue. Large elevator and few accessories (platform cart, trolley) available, to help you out. Place was clean. Were really happy with the service. Exactly what we needed for few months.
Jargo Tukk
Jargo Tukk
Suurepäraselt ja arukalt läbimõeldud süsteem. Abivalmid ja probleemide lahendamisele keskendunud inimesed. Musi ja kalli 😉
Tiia Rinne
Tiia Rinne
Väga rahul. Mugav, kiire ja asjakohane- abi teenuse kasutamiseks oli vaid telefonikõne kaugusel. Aitäh ja edu!
Sten väinaste
Sten väinaste
4,5 / 5st . Kiire, mugav, mõistlikud hinnad! Kohapeal abivahendid asjade liigutamiseks. Pool punkti tuleks juurde kui Drive-In lahendusse mahuks kõrguse poolest ka kaubik, et asju mugavam laadida oleks.
Mikk R
Mikk R
Hea ja mugav teenus
Only downside is that you cant access the building with a taller vehicle (e.g. crafter). Otherwise nice and clean, owner very helpful and responds fast
Urmet R
Urmet R
Parim minilao teenus.Hind on mõistlik ja kasutamine ülimugav.